Sierra Leone in Mission

Save an Infant

Sierra Leone has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Many children die from lack of basic nutrition. In addition, mothers need education about caring for infants. Unfortunately, sickness is little understood and witch doctors are often consulted for advice. As a nurse, MJ, Safie’s sister, has helped to save many children. One little girl, whose mother died of anemia when she was just five days old, was taken to a witch doctor, who told the family that she would “go the way of the mother” and not to feed her. After five days without food, Safie took the baby into her home and is now raising her as her own child. Sierra or “little Safie” is now five years old and the apple of Mohamed’s eye. Safie and MJ continue to care for the youngest members of the village by providing¬†insect repellent, mosquito netting, protein bars, basic vitamins, infant Tylenol, powered baby formula, infant blankets, 1st aid kits, thermometers, and warm baby clothing. If you would like to support MJ’s efforts and save the life of an infant, you may specify that your donation be ¬†designated for providing supplies for SIERRA’S FRIENDS.

5-year-old Sierra carries cassava as she helps Safie cook